After School  Clubs 


ACE ART After school clubs aim to provide high quality Art education for young children, complementing the school curriculum and further development of key skills. 


During the course of six weeks children will explore and experiment with a variety of art-forms and materials, developing and using new skills to create either their own individual artwork or collaborative artwork inspired by interesting historical and contemporary artists from around the world. 


The course will include a range of skills and techniques and cover all areas of Art such as painting, printing, sculpture, collage, textiles, drawing and design. Projects will change from term to term, providing and exploring a variety key skills, cultures, artists, styles and themes over a number of new and stimulating sessions. 


The duration of a course is based on the school timetable and is usually run as a series of 8 weeks to fit into two half-term blocks. The number of sessions is flexible depending on term length. 


Times: 3.30 - 4.45pm 


Prices: per child : £11 per session. This includes our project materials.


6-12 years old age group only

Creating Innovative Art Activities 

to Inspire Young Minds


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